January 3, 2013



Trans-Atlantic Theatre Arts Exchange is best know for the semi-annual 1 Revolution 24-hour play festival that takes place at the Arnold and Janice Seidule Drama Theatre at Brazosport College.

Founded by concerned theatre artists from London and Texas in 2005, TATAE's first major project offered a week-long theatre workshop to children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The workshop's goal was to teach the children storytelling and theatre performance techniques in order to provide the children with creative tools with which to channel their experiences of displacement.

TATAE continues to develop programming that includes full theatre productions, 'real-world scenario' theatre education and application, and community building.

1 Revolution VI will be January 11 (writers) and 12 (everybody else) at the Arnold & Janice Seidule Drama Theatre at Brazosport College!

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